reformation, revolution – today + in the future

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    reformation / revolution : actually and sustainable in the future

    Thes here are not the 95 theses by Martin Luther
    or a long tractatus by a philosophical thinker (like Aristotle … Wittgenstein , Buber , Russell , Einstein , Adorno , … Martin Luther King or any other …),
    or a political party’s agenda or program
    (there are actualls some quite good ones,
    namely in the ‚left-liberal-green‘ political spectrum)
    also not a just ‚private‘ adviser, but
    just 5 points (with a social-psychological main focus,
    but nevertheless with huge political impacts as well)
    for a sustainable improvement
    of not less than the world 😉

    Let us enhance and improve
    … our empathy

    2. and combined with it
    … our creativity

    3. and combined with it
    … our logical abilites

    4. and combined with it
    … our goodwill,
    that is in particular:
    to appreciate freedom, happyness,
    and the goal, that both are distributed justly
    (to all individuals (humans or others) who
    are in any way able to whish something like
    both freedom and happyness)

    5. and combined with it
    … our knowledge about the world,
    as far as it is relevant for these (1. … 4.) –
    refering to all fields of possible knowledge:
    physics, chemistry, biology …
    geography, cultural anthropology, historiography –
    (including the history of arts etc.)
    (politics, economy …)
    and mikro-sociolocigal as well
    (narrow personal environment);
    not to forget philosophical,
    including being conscious
    that and where human knowledges‘ limits are,
    within our selves‘ .

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